- Bali and Maeng Da Kratom
I created a new site because I didn't want to transfer kratomhill to a site that has cart capabilities. is my main site now, will update there.  It's end of November 2014
 I need to transfer to a better host that provides Visa CC support.
KratomHill is vistaprint
and is Volusion with SSL Encrypted security with certificate you can click on.  
I am not tech savy to want to transfer so I can have a real cart.  It is much faster and easier to create a new domain name!  <Daily Special, check it out!

I don't have a cart on has a shopping cart and you can pay with Visa


Free Priority shipping on orders over $30

add $15 for overnight 1-2 day express

2 oz of Bali kratom for $20 shipped first class $23 priority
4 oz of Bali kratom for $37 shipped first class $40 priority
6 oz of bali kratom for $57 shipped priority
8 oz bali                     $77
10 oz bali                    $95

17.8 oz  bali             $142
35.7 oz bali    (kilo)  $245

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Thank you!

So happy to finally get to type to you in the past,
 and you read it right now, 
glancing quickly, 
no one reads anymore.  

kratom kratom kratom maeng da kratom kratom kratom bali kratom kratom kratom keywords kratom!  :)


Yeah, uh 


I have had the worst luck!

I have Blonde Indo available