I am looking for a place to live.


Hi  I'm tom@kratomhill and am looking for a place to live in colorado or similar friendly states.  Any long time customers?  I am desperate to be honest.

Any help would be appreciated.  Also, I am weary, as anyone, clean criminal background etc... College grad 1998 so.... that old.

Place to live?  


June 28th 2015

Sale:  $80 for 12 oz of samples of new shipment.

Hope all is well with thou!  From the kratomhill kingdom Sirkratom wishes you a great and kick ass 2015!



New phone and text number!  iPhone is no fun so went with android blu c studio $99 amazon prime
can order amazon prime for you and get 2 day delivery on stuff with kratom order.
or $5 per item or whatever is fair.  2 day shipping on even $2 items and they don't care where i ship it or if i drop ship!  amazon taking over why are you here?
For good kratom!
That ZING!

Branding, oh branding, life is great and on pause, cause i'm going to kratomhill.... Love the scent and things that are real.

June 14th, Sunday is good!  Life is good, I am presently shipping combo packs of worthy kratom.  I have bad kratom, but i don't ship that, if u want some, can ship!

Kratom is not to be eaten or applied to your skin in a "foot bath' because that is regulated.  Do not apply kratom to your skin, use as aromatherapy only, or as education.

Must be 18 years old and know your local laws.

I sell kratom for horticultural research, education, etc... 

Prices for combo packs, will be generous and ship some good and better kratom.

                        2 oz $15 first class
                        4 oz $30 priority for free
                        8 oz  $60
                       10 oz $75
                     1/2 kilo  $128
                        1 kilo $220

PReMUiM Best Best 4 oz    $50

UEI 25% blend 10 grams $22
                          20           $40
                          30             $58

Wonderful kratom for sale!
Fast shipping!

719-342-0030 text or phone Tom@kratomhill.com

1 kilo maeng da for $210 best maeng da ever imo.
1/2 kilo maeng da $135 (love it!
1/2 kilo Super Green $100
1/2 kilo combo $120
(let me choose!)


Paypaya gifts accepted, email me for info!  
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MDSG combo:  8oz each of New Maeng Da and New Super Green, 16 0z total!

Free Shipping on all orders, first class below $20 orders, 
Free Priority for orders over $20

maeng da
2oz   $20 or $23 priority
3 oz $30 priority
4 oz  $39 priority
6 oz   $55 priority
8 oz    $74 Priority
10 oz  $90
1/2k   $138
1k      $242

Red Horn
1 oz  $10
2 oz $14 or $17 
3 oz $23 first class or $25 priority 
4 oz   $30
6 oz   $42
8 oz   $49
10 oz  $68.93
1/2k  $110
1k  $190

4 oz super green for $15 first class special.  

www.sirkratom.com  Work in Progress as everything so overwhelmed any help I can send you kratom for website design of shopping cart.  It is easy.  Steep learning curve and guess i should do the work!!

$10 extra, money must be in money order or postal money order for fedex, 
Accepting email payments!
Email me for a Special offer!

www.sirkratom.com will be my next VISA card site, I hope!
Still a work in progress..

Free Sample if you pay shipping, I tried the stamp thing and they said they didn't get it and $2 is minimum for tracking.  And even then Priority at $5 is a better choice on first time deliveries.  Payola email payments accepted not mentioning kratom and as a gift.

Changed Dwolla email to orders@toonumerous.com or u can use 719-342-0030 phone to send Dwolla, It requires a checking account.
Dwolla SPecial!  20% off two orders.   (for joining dwolla!)

add $15 for overnight 1-2 day express

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Thank you!

Old label below from eBay days... oh the easy days of getting new customers!

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