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Bali is great and in stock!  

I have a website almost ready for credit cards, it is a lot of work!  
Anyone want to send me energy via telekinesis so i can get that difficult task of setting up a merchant account?   I am already approved, all i got to do is dot the Ts and a bunch of other things.  I was approved for CC's a few months ago and never got it done.  Lot of work.

Help me?  Do you know anything I can buy in bulk and sell.  Or have you had any luck?  I finally found something today, hope it works out.  
If you want to trade ideas that have documentation that they work?  Or anyone could see it working.
I figure y'all know bunches of people.  
Yeah, business is hard, well, big companies get bigger and bigger and everything clumps together into one company.  It is not that bad.  

Please order!  Thanks!  I appreciate your business!

Funny thing is Bali quality is way up!  With how things are going this year.
Fresh and smells good.  Been a year since bali was good!

Thursday, April 17th

Email me to find out how to send money instantly!  hint...most popular way
I can't advertise but i can take personal payments for goods.  .... since 2009 !
5 years?? is that 5 years?  wow!  Ugh
Thank you for your belief in me even when i was going through hard times.
719-342-0030  text message or call

I accept the most popular way to pay, email me for details, it is simple and fast to pay.

$40 for 4 oz your choice:  bali, red borneo, Red Kali(also known as red borneo I suppose) green kali, green malaysian, red kali, anything besides maeng da, uhhh....
Cerah Malaysian, Blond Indo, 

NEW Maeng Da is in!!  $60 for 4 oz

                                   You don't have to use dwolla

You don't have to use dwolla,
the other method is still fine.


out of stock white vein borneo
maeng da almost out of stock

First time Dwollausers get with their order free 2 oz of kratom of their choice  discount starting now and ending when this is not printed here.
Let me know you are joining, it takes a week or so.

NEW BALi is great!!

2 oz of Bali kratom for $20 shipped first class $23 priority
4 oz of Bali kratom for $37 shipped first class $40 priority
6 oz of bali kratom for $57 shipped priority
8 oz bali                     $77
10 oz bali                    $95

17.8 oz  bali             $142
35.7 oz bali    (kilo)  $245

2 oz of emerald thai kratom for $26 shipped first class
4 oz of """"""""""""""  """""""""for $42 shipped first class
6 oz of emerald thai kratom for $64.00 shipped priority
kratom kratom kratom kratom kratom kratom (trying to rank higher in searches,)

$65 for 4 oz light green maeng da

Email me to order.
I don't have a shopping cart.
but it is easy to pay

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Express mail upgrade for $14 
Priority 2-3 day free with all orders unless specified otherwise.

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